Our Vision

is to act as an integral part of a welcoming and enabling environment where refugees are integrated within South Africa

Who are we?

The Cape Town Refugee Centre (CTRC) is a non-profit, non-government organisation that caters to the interests and needs of vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers. 

The Cape Town Refugee Centre started in 1994 as the Cape Town Refugee Forum, an alliance of concerned non-governmental organisations (NGO), faith-based organisations, refugees & other individuals dedicated to establishing an organised response to the growing number of refugees arriving in South Africa. Since inception, CTRC focused its energies on advocacy for refugee rights and provision of direct services to refugees, particularly welfare and emergency support. 2001 the Forum members decided to register as an independent non-profit organisation, a new Constitution was adopted and a Management Board selected at the Annual General Meeting in September 2001. The organisation was registered formally as a NPO February 2002 and became known as the Cape Town Refugee Centre.  Working with other non-profits, government departments, shelters, companies and local communities, Cape Town Refugee Centre advocates on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers to protect their rights, facilitates integration into communities, responds to xenophobic violence, and provides material and psycho-social support.

Day-to-day, CTRC provides short- to medium-term social assistance to refugees and asylum seekers through its Psychosocial Service Provision, Self-Reliance and Education programs. Our Social Cohesion Program empower and educate both local and refugees on refugee and human right issues. See our services for more information.


Our members are very diverse, but united by their common interest. Find out who they are in our members page.