Our Vision

is to act as an integral part of a welcoming and enabling environment where refugees are integrated within South Africa

The Social Cohesion and Child care Programme aims to advocate for refugee rights, with a focus on children, while promoting social cohesion and hosting support groups which educate and empower, helping with local integration.

Current services available within this programme includes:

Support groups for:

-Parents of special needs children
-SGBV survivors
-Women's rights

Family and child care

-Art and expression workshops for refugee families
-Peace-through-play programmes to encourage tolerance in primary schools
-Parenting skills development programme and follow-up groups
-Children and youth supportive and developmental programmes
-Children at risk therapeutic and developmental programmes

Human Rights and information sharing

-Refugee and local learners holiday and after school youth information exchange programmes to encourage tolerance
-School human rights education and information sharing workshops
-Social Cohesion programmes to educate learners about the constitution and general refugee issues in secondary schools
-Information sessions for NGO's and Government officials on refugee rights and responsibilities and their role.

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