Our Vision

is to act as an integral part of a welcoming and enabling environment where refugees are integrated within South Africa

Our Programmes and Services

Cape Town Refugee Centre (CTRC)’s goal is to serve as an effective social safety net in the form of a supportive network of social assistance, educational support and business/self-reliance services for the most vulnerable groups of refugees and asylum seekers in Western and Eastern Cape.  

CTRC is trying to achieve this by:

  • providing material assistance and psycho-social support to individuals and/ or families in distress;
  • advocating for the realization of refugee rights;
  • assisting children financially to attend school;
  • providing or improving self-reliance and livelihood opportunities;
  • assist refugees to understand and actively participate in SA democratic processes and enhance knowledge of South Africans involved in local government or at service delivery points to reduce discrimination based on nationality.


  • Outcome 1: A healthier, more stable and self-reliant refugee population in Western and Eastern Cape which is able to integrate more effectively in South Africa.
  • Outcome 2: Vulnerable refugee groups, particularly women, children, children with special needs and new arrivals, receive short-, medium- and long-term support to fulfill their basic needs.
  • Outcome 3: Support for highly vulnerable refugees is improved in the form of accessible government-supported grants (or through CTRC for asylum seekers), access to health care and the child-protection regime, and education for children.
  • Outcome 4: Children, particularly unaccompanied and separated children, are better protected and afforded access to durable solutions in their best interest.
  • Outcome 5: Survivors of sexual or gender-based violence are supported with material assistance and referred, as appropriate, for medium- or long-term psychological support.
  • Outcome 6: LGBTI advocacy and education sessions to refugees and asylum seekers in order to remove the stigma and discrimination.
  • Outcome 7: Refugees and asylum seekers are able to exercise their rights, reporting crime, attending public meetings to engage at the local level and navigate systems to obtain rightful services such as education, social security and labour rights.
  • Outcome 8: South African service delivery agents and local level government representatives have increase awareness of refugee rights and help to reduce discrimination and xenophobia towards Refugees and asylum seekers.

CTRC has four integrated programmes:

  •  Psychosocial Service provision
  •  Self-Reliance & Skills training
  •  Social Cohesion & Child Care
  •  Civic Understanding and Engagement 

The organisation opened a satellite office in June 2014 in Port Elizabeth to provide Psychosocial and Self-Reliance assistance services in the Eastern Cape.

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